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      Offering varied and versatile sleeping positions, the Adjust – A – Bed range offers a lot more than a traditional bed. With support options to suit everyone and different comfort levels, you can tailor your bed to suit your individual needs, and with an upper weight limit of 25 stone, the Adjust – A – Bed range is truly for everyone. All beds are manufactured in the UK, using high quality materials, and come complete with 5-year manufacturers guarantee for extra peace of mind.

      Adjust – A – Bed offers numerous advantages over a traditional bed, such as improved sleep, healthy posture, improved circulation, pressure relief on joints, and reduced snoring. All mechanisms are smooth and precise, making adjusting your position quick and easy, helping to provide positional relief for backache, arthritis and many other conditions.

      Adjust - A – Bed provides you with all the support you need to keep you comfortable all night long, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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